Memberships SWISSTRAFFIC Inc.


The Swiss Association of Transportation Engineers and Experts (SVI)is the professional association of transportation specialists working for private bureaus or public authorities. SWISSTRAFFIC supports and is a member of the SVI.

its Switzerland

its-chis the Swiss platform for the promotion of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in Switzerland, and brings together all stakeholders from the fields of economics, planning, politics and research. It considers all modes of transportation even though special attention is given to roadside transportation telematics. SWISSTRAFFIC supports and is a member of its Switzerland.


The Swiss Association of Road and Transportation Experts (VSS) is the union of professionals, companies and institutions that occupy themselves with the planning, development, construction, operation, maintenance, utilisation and demolishing of transportation facilities. SWISSTRAFFIC supports and is a member of the SVI.

Zukunft Mobilität

Avenir Mobilité / Zukunft Mobilität is a dialogue platform for intelligent transportation. The platform aims to intensify the dialogue between the stakeholders of transport politics and promote their collaboration. A holistic perspective is supposed to help discuss medium- and long-term mobility solutions broadly. SWISSTRAFFIC is a member of << Zukunft Mobilität>>


Intelligent networks and smart technologies (e.g. energy, traffic or transport) as well as stability and data security are vital factors in order to positively differentiate oneself from other locations. The mobile and widely available communication technologies allow a new and diverse link between people, infrastructure and systems. In order to reach these goals, asut commits itself to the promotion of smarter infrastructure. SWISSTRAFFIC is a member of asut as part of the <<smart mobility>> expert committee.

Bicycle Conference

The Bicycle Conference Switzerland(Velokonferenz - VKS) is an information pool for bicycle-traffic solutions. It aims to develop and improve the conditions for bicycle traffic at cantonal, city and municipality as well as federal level. SWISSTRAFFIC supports and is a member of the Bicycle Conference Switzerland.

Pedestrian Mobility Switzerland

Pedestrian Mobility Switzerlandtries to ensure that pedestrians have sufficient space and rights in cities and municipalities. As a national, professional association, Fussverkehr Schweiz exerts direct influence over the activities of the federal government. At the same time, they are locally present with their regional groups, and accompany transportation projects on site where possible. SWISSTRAFFIC supports and is a member of Fussverkehr Schweiz.


CityZen is an association for the promotion of smart technologies for cities and companies in western Switzerland. SWISSTRAFFIC is a member of CityZen.


Mobilservice imparts practice-oriented knowledge and interconnects stakeholders and professionals in the field of sustainable mobility. SWISSTRAFFIC supports and is a VIP partner of Mobilservice.


RegioForteis an interdisciplinary network of small to medium-sized enterprises throughout Switzerland that show practical experience in various fields and disciplines. RegioFortecommits itself to sustainable development and inter-communal collaborations, as well as the promotion of private-public partnerships. The key communal and regional intentions drive the common aspirations.

Sensys Networks

SWISSTRAFFIC is a sales partner of Sensys Networks in Switzerland. Lane-specific bicycle and motor-vehicle detection, traffic signal control, green waves for cyclists, etc.