IoT Internet of Things

Water - energy - gas - parking - lighting - waste - air pollution - industry - agriculture - safety - smart city

Smart Water Metering

LPWA networks enable the installation of water meters with intelligent reading that are used for the control of water usage and leak detection.More->

Smart Grid Networks

Providing long-range communication for fast, scalable and reliable smart-grid networks. LPWAN makes extra-large smart-grid projects possible.More ->

Smart Gas Metering

The IoT solution of SWISSTRAFFIC brings the far-reaching connectivity of gas meters and enables a swift and cost-efficient installation of the gas meters in large city environments. More ->

Smart Parking Systems

Intelligent parking solutions with intelligent sensors based on IoT occupancy sensors, enable a quick location of free parking spaces with additional advantages.More ->

Street Lighting Control

LPWAN enables the full control of street lighting - remote switching on and off fand the surveillance of lighting parameters in real-time, for better safety and maintenance. More ->

Smart Waste Management

NB-Fi-abled, long-range IoT-solution for intelligent waste management. The LPWA network makes it possible to receive real-time data from the waste sensors within the area of an entire city. More ->

Environment Monitoring

NB-Fi-abled, long-range solution for the monitoring of air quality in urban environments. The air sensors aggregate data with the LPWAN gateways. More ->

Industrial Monitoring

In the industrial Internet of Things, the NB-Fi can be deployed for the following applications: sensor monitoring, remote monitoring, conveyor technology control and cost-dependent shutting off. More ->

Oil and Gas

The machine-to-machine communication, powered by LPWAN, has an enormous potential for the digitalisation of oil fields of oil and gas companies.

Soil Moisture Monitoring

With its autonomic sensors, LPWAN is ideal for the monitoring of soil moisture and automatic watering on large spaces of land. More ->

Security and Access Control

Integration of LPWAN modules in safety devices enables a long-range connectivity, and brings robustness and energy efficiency without additional costs. More ->

Custom IoT Solution Development

Develop your own M2M solution, bring IoT connectivity to your devices, and in this way secure cost-efficient IoT applications with the SWISSTRAFFIC remote modules and NB-Fi networks. More ->

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