Number plate recognition study Münsingen

As part of the rehabilitation of Münsigen’s thoroughfare, a cordon count is to be performed. The operational concept essentially comprises ramp metering that gives right of way to buses on the entrance ramp from Rubigen, Tägertschi and Wichtrach, as well as action measures that maximise the traffic throughput and the capacity in the city centre.

The SWISSTRAFFIC tasks included:

- Number plate recognition study during the AM and PM peak hours

- Determination of the effective travel times along 4 travel routes

- Cross-sectional volume count of private motorised vehicles over 1 week

- Intersection volume count at a roundabout

- Count of the pedestrian movements at 5 pedestrian crossings: AM, PM and Saturday peak

- Evaluation of the results so that these can be directly entered into the traffic demand model


Canton of Berne

Town Münsingen



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