Counting Retail

Shop Analytics

Luring potential customers/clients

  • count the bypassers at your window

  • analyse the actual number of new customers/clients

  • determine the entrance rate in comparison to the bypassers

  • actively acquire potential customers/clients and bring specials/sales to attention

Identify in-store customer behaviour

  • Measure customer dwell times in your shop

  • Analyse number of quick visistors

  • Determine your sales staff performance

  • Reward your regular customers

Measure your customers dwell times

  • Measure your customer's fidely rate

  • Analyze the time period of your regular customer visits

  • Determine the return rate of your regular customers

  • Reward and promote your loyal customers

Wide-ranging survey possibilities
  • What are the impacts of my marketing, advertising and promotions?

  • Which of my shops is performing better?

  • How attractive is my shop? And my shop window?

  • What is the 24/7 conversion rate of bypassers versus potential customers/clients?

  • What is the optimum in staff scheduling?

  • How often do people visit my shop?

  • How much time do customers/clients spend in my shop?

  • What is the average dwell time per room and floor?

  • What is the average queuing time?

  • What is the average time between a bypasser and a customer/client entering the shop?

  • What is the average shop-location cost per bypasser?