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Welcome to our website. SWISSTRAFFIC Inc. is a traffic engineering and planning firm operating internationally in the areas of transportation, mobility and traffic signal systems. Our traffic engineers are committed to provide clients with exceptional services regarding all issues of mobility, precise analysis, management consultation and professional execution of individual measures. Innovative design is combined with the latest technology and meets the highest expectations of quality. We encourage you to view our site further to learn more about our services.

Buisness fields of SWISSTRAFFIC AG

Mobility planning for the federal government, cantons, cities and communities for non-motorized traffic (pedestrians and cyclists), public transport (train, bus and cable cars), private transport and freight.

Intelligent Traffc Counting for the automatic survey of the behavior of pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, user of public transport, freight transport and logisitcs.
But also specifically for the retail the behavior of customers, employees, passers can be collected automatically.

Tailored road signalisation and marking for cities and communities. Offer in modules allows conscious regard for the existing needs and financial possibilities.

Safety: Fewer fatalities and injuries on Swiss roads, this is the goal of Via sicura. With the implementation of safety audits for road project systems according to SN 641712, road safety will be improved. The safety audit is a tool used to identify any shortcomings in security projects and to raise the safety level of the facility.

With our CityMonitoring we measure your mobility and ...
-> will lead you towards a 2000-Watt-society
-> do your mobility accounting as a city of energy
-> we do the controlling of the effects of traffic measures