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Smart City

Mobility is facing a fundamental change. Today is about Mobility Pricing, Smart City, Big Data, driverless and interconnected cars, drones, electronic tickets, etc.

The desired mobility for all is respectful of the environment, the quality of life of residents as users in the service of economic performance and Territorial Development in a logical optimization of public money, while using innovative technologies.

This is exactly why SWISSTRAFFIC engages its employees. We use innovative technologies such as BlueScan, multichannel radar, magnetic sensors, etc. and complement them with Open Data in real-time. Our mobility experts use this data using Mobility-Intelligence-Analytics to offer optimal solutions to municipalities, cities, towns and townships.

We measure your mobiltity!

There are many reasons why mobility management in cities and communities has to change.

The demands of modern transport infrastructure increase due to the constant population growth and a society that becomes more and more mobile and who expects to maintain its high quality of life, even wishes to increase it. To meet these demands, more and more cities and communities commit to the objectives of the “2000-Watt-Society”, also in order to find sustainable transport and energy saving solutions.

Implement sustainable development

Based on all three aspects of sustainability, the “2000-Watt-Society” sets the following goals by 2100:
- Reduce primary energy demand to 2000 watts of continuous power per person
- Reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 1 ton of CO2eq per person
- Global equity for energy consumption

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The way to a sustainable future

The “2000-Watt-Society” aims to use the world's resources sustainably. This is achieved by improving the use of energy more efficiently and through an equitable distribution of global energy. The “2000-Watt-Path” in Switzerland is an ambitious but feasible way to go.

The label "Energy City"

The label “Energy City” is a performance record for communities who exemplify and implement a sustainable municipal energy policy. “Energy Cities” promote renewable energy, sustainable mobility and rely on an efficient use of resources.

This is how communities create a good climate

“Energy City” is a program from EnergySwitzerland and a prime example of how responsible actions enhance the quality of life and protect the environment. The label is awarded for a consistent and result-oriented energy policy. Communities that bear the label “Energy City” go through an extensive process that will lead them to sustainable energy, transport and environment policies. Authorities, entrepreneurs and the public all pull together.

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