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Smart mobility increases

the quality of life.

Climate goals in transport: We accompany you on the path towards net-zero emissions.

No job is too big: We are ready to use over 200 sensors at short notice.

Current projects



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SWISSTRAFFIC Verkehrsthemen

Artificial intelligence

Impact Analysis

Climate neutrality

Net-zero mobility

Parking management

Parter für aktuelle Verkehrsthemen

Traffic management

Tourist traffic

Road safety

Digitization of mobility

Smart City

Mobility management/control

Traffic hubs/interchanges

Traffic counting

We are your partner for current traffic issues.

Pedestrian and bicycle path planning

Origin-destination and through traffic

"On three working days in September 2022, SWISSTRAFFIC captured motorized traffic using approximately 100 ANPR cameras and analyzed the traffic flows of cars and heavy vehicles in the city of Biel and its surroundings through anonymized license plate recognition.

"Thanks to the traffic survey, there is now a reliable database for the upcoming comprehensive mobility study. For us, this eliminates the need to rely on conjectures and assumptions in the subsequent planning process.”

Erich Fehr, Mayor of Biel (Source: Berner Zeitung, May 4, 2023)

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