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ANPR 4.0 Tyrol

ANPR 4.0 Tyrol

Automatic license plate recognition in the Arlberg tunnel - Innsbruck area for the planning of the new Tschirganttunnel along the Fernpass along 17 cross-sections with a total of 25 ANPR cameras on motorways and country roads.

Promoting cycling (01.04.2021)

    • Cyclist and pedestrian permanent counting stations

      Installation of bicycle and pedestrian permanent counters throughout Switzerland and abroad - also for SwitzerlandMobility.

    • Research: disregard of pedestrian crossing priority

      Research project in the city of Zurich on behalf of AXA Winterthur, Foundation for Prevention

    • Cityzen for Smart Cities

      CityZen acts as a designer and creator of Smart Cities for municipalities and companies in western Switzerland. SWISSTRAFFIC is a member of CityZen and offers various solutions in the fields of smart mobility and smart parking.

    • Canton of Zug: bicycle counting

      SWISSTRAFFIC counted cyclists on cycle paths and bike lanes using MetrCount tubes at pre-defined counting stations. A total of 18 bike counting devices were used.

    • Road development Ostaargau OASE

      For the Brugg area, two possible road infrastructure options exist: "Nordumfahrung Windisch tief mit Spange Aufeld, 150 Mio. CHF" and the "Südostumfahrung Windisch mit neuer Aarequerung, 350 Mio. CHF".

    • Thun Bypass North - Proof of relieve effect

      Carry out a traffic monitoring of travel times with BlueScan PREVIOUS - DURING - AFTER to demonstrate the relief effect, as well as obstructions (travel times) of the motorized individual traffic during the construction phases.


      In line with the future development of the railway infrastructure (ZEB), Swiss Federal Railways is expanding the railway line at the Liestal station to 4 tracks. The cantonal Civil Engineering Office, therefore, demands that the project undergoes a road safety audit (Swiss Federal Railways)


      SWISSTRAFFIC is responsible for all traffic-related questions (alternatives, capacity, traffic demand model) from the construction phase up to the operation phase. (Federal Roads Office, Estavayer-le-Lac)

    • Smart City Lab Area Wolf in Basel

      Smart City Lab, the smartest area in Switzerland is to be created in Basel. Elektron, Signify and SWISSTRAFFIC are jointly developing new concepts to increase traffic-dependent lighting control, energy efficiency and safety. [Swiss Federal Railways]

    • Traffic countings canton Zurich 2018 until 2022

      Traffic counting on cantonal roads at selected locations for project data collections / reconstructions (building projects). This being a framework agreement for the years 2018 to 2022.

    • Travel times + congestion lenghts motorway A1

      SWISSTRAFFIC was commissioned to carry out a 2-week survey of travel times with number plate recognition (ANPR) between Wettingen and the Limmattalerkreuz and also to record traffic situations and congestion lenghts.

    • Traffic redevelopment Aarwangen-Langenthal North

      Clarifying the need for traffic measures, traffic data management, traffic modeling, traffic counts and traffic project monitoring.

    • City of Monthey: traffic model

      Traffic modeling for the city of Monthey. To capture all destination, source and transit relations, SWISSTRAFFIC used the BlueScan technology.

    • Traffic congestion monitoring on A14 (FEDRO)

      The Federal Roads Office (FEDRO) would like to introduce a velocity harmonization and hazard warning as a fast track measurement on the A14 motorway between Lucerne and Zug. The BlueScan system is used to perform a pre- and post-test analysis.

    • ISSI support ASTRA 2016 - 2020

      SWISSTRAFFIC supports the Federal Roads Office FEDRO Thun with the review ofthe entire highway network of the branch by RSI and if necessary with RIA , RSA , BSM , NSM and EUM.


      Since 2014, all traffic flows within the canton are being captured and analysed using BlueScan. The data was used to set up the cantonal traffic demand model. A dashboard discloses the various transport relations, incl. commuter and tourist traffic, within the canton. (Canton of Valais)


      Under contract of the Civil Engineering Office of the Canton of Berne, SWISSTRAFFIC is carrying out a number plate recognition study in Münsingen in conjunction with a traffic and pedestrian flow survey.

    • LYON (FRANCE) ANPR 4.0

      Mobile license plate recognition in the Lyon - Saint-Etienne area along 14 cross-sections with a total of 45 ANPR cameras for registration of license plates during a working day on multi-lane highways A72-RN88-A47-A747 in France. [DREAL, Auvergne - Rhône-Alpes]

    • ASFiNAG ANPR 4.0

      Mobile number plate recognition in the area of ​​Bregenz to Koblach in 20 cross sections with a total of 50 ANPR cameras during two consecutive working days on the motorways A14 (Austria) and A13 (Switzerland), at the border crossings A-CH and on various country roads.

    • Multimodal counter 4.0

      Multimodal counter 4.0 are already in use at SWISSTRAFFIC today. [Flyer download]

    • Smart parking city of Aarau

      SWISSTRAFFIC was commissioned to develop a smart parking solution for the city of Aarau.

    • Traffic density Burgdorf-Oberburg-Hasle

      Traffic density measuring at 23 cross-sections with a total of 42 ANPR cameras for the registration of license plates during two consecutive working days plus 23 SwissRadar for recording vehicle categories. (Canton of Bern)

    • License plate recognition Wiesendangen

      Determination of destination, source and transit traffic during two consecutive working days by means of license plate survey (7 cross sections 14 SwissCameras).

    • Lucerne - travel time data collection

      Traffic monitoring of travel times BEFORE-AFTER with BlueScan


      BlueScan can be used to record and analyse travel times, the frequency of traffic jams and the duration of congestions.


      Under contract of the Estavayer-le-Lac branch of the Federal Roads Office, SWISSTRAFFIC is inspecting the complete signalisation BSA on various motorways in Western Switzerland.

    • Smart Lighting Research

      Optimal street lighting helps road users to detect and recognize sources of danger on and off the roads at an early stage.

      SWISSTRAFFIC, together with the University of Bern, University of St. Gallen, EWZürich and ELEKTRON, is researching the effect and optimization potential of street lighting. [Research Contract ASTRA SVI 2018/003]

    • Automatic number plate recognition Canton of Lucerne

      41 cross sections with a total of 82 ANPR cameras for number plate recognition during two consecutive working days. Implemtend with 12 swiss radars and 29 swiss cameras to determine transport hubs including pedestrians (vif Lucerne)

    • ANPR 4.0 in Morges

      License plate recognition with 30 ANPR cameras, incl. node flows with development of a VISUM traffic model and traffic scenarios for the year 2040.

    • Traffic count city of zurich

      Traffic counting Rämi- / Gloriastrasse: MIT, bicycles, pedestrians and congestions lengths

    • Noise exposure cadastre Canton of St. Gallen - traffic survey

      SWISSTRAFFIC is the project leader within the engineering consortium DEZIBEL for the lots 3 & 4 (Canton of St. Gallen)

    • City of Biel - Traffic count MIT-bicycles-pedestrians

      Delivery and installation of permanent Metrocount counting stations for MIT-bicycles-pedestrians traffic. Piezo-electric stripes are used for counting bicycles which guarantee an accurancy of 97%. All counting devices operate on solar energy and thus spare the city the installation of additional electrical cables. Metrocount is also capable of distinguishing cyclists from pedestrians.


      Within the realm of the motorway construction, the Vispertal Tunnel is closed for 18 months. Under contract of the national roads agency of the Canton of Valais, SWISSTRAFFIC is responsible for the full traffic management, and depicts the lost times in real-time.


      The AP, DP and commissioning of the large-scale project are each to undergo a road safety audit. Here, it is a matter of not creating any new safety deficits.

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