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International Road Federation (IRF)

The International Road Federation (IRF) is a global, independent, not-for-profit organisation with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. Active since 1948, IRF is a membership-based organisation, representing leading corporate and institutional players drawn from the road and mobility sectors worldwide. Its mission is to promote the development of roads and road networks that enable access and sustainable mobility for all. SWISSTRAFFIC is a member of IRF.


Mobilservice is the knowledge and networking platform for sustainable mobility and mobility management in Switzerland. The network unites the federal government, cantons, municipalities and companies as well as actors and professionals in the mobility sector. SWISSTRAFFIC supports and is a member of mobilservice.

its Switzerland

its-ch is the Swiss platform for the promotion of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in Switzerland, and brings together all stakeholders from the fields of economics, planning, politics and research. It considers all modes of transportation even though special attention is given to roadside transportation telematics. SWISSTRAFFIC supports and is a member of its Switzerland.

Innolab Smart Mobility

Innolab smart mobility is an association. It is a non-profit organisation with the aim of developing an innovation ecosystem for mobility for Switzerland. In doing so, we would like to contribute to goal 1 of "Future Mobility Switzerland": Switzerland is an international leader in the application of innovations in the field of mobility.

SWISSTRAFFIC supports and is a member of innolab smart mobility.

Smart City Alliance

Smart solutions can not be developed on their own, so we test and develop future-oriented solutions together with strong technology partners, innovative start-ups and leading universities.

The SmartCity Alliance emerged from this culture of cooperation. The Alliance has set itself the goal of using technology to minimize the consumption of resources and thus sustainably increase the quality of life. It is deliberately designed without complicated organizational structures, which should facilitate cooperation. SWISSTRAFFIC is a member of the SmartCity Alliance.

Smart City Lab Basel

Innovations are created when different actors come together with their skills and knowledge: The Smart City Lab Basel networks partners from business, science, administration and the interested public. This community experiments, learns from each other and develops new ideas and projects for the smart Switzerland of tomorrow. Technical and innovation experts provide support.

Smart City Association Berne

Welcome to the Smart City Bern

Our vision: In 2030, the city and region of Bern will form a humane, digitally networked community that is closely connected with neighbouring cities and municipalities. This community respects the UN's sustainability goals and uses ecologically closed economic cycles.

Smart City Lab Grenchen

The association Smart City Lab Grenchen was founded on 8 April 2021 with the aim of promoting efficient, ecological and socially inclusive urban development in Grenchen and the surrounding area using digital technologies.

Zukunft Mobilität

Avenir Mobilité / Zukunft Mobilität is a dialogue platform for intelligent transportation. The platform aims to intensify the dialogue between the stakeholders of transport politics and promote their collaboration. A holistic perspective is supposed to help discuss medium- and long-term mobility solutions broadly. SWISSTRAFFIC is a member of << Zukunft Mobilität>>

Bicycle Conference

The Bicycle Conference Switzerland (Velokonferenz - VKS) is an information pool for bicycle-traffic solutions. It aims to develop and improve the conditions for bicycle traffic at cantonal, city and municipality as well as federal level. SWISSTRAFFIC supports and is a member of the Bicycle Conference Switzerland.

Pedestrian Mobility Switzerland

Pedestrian Mobility Switzerland tries to ensure that pedestrians have sufficient space and rights in cities and municipalities. As a national, professional association, Fussverkehr Schweiz exerts direct influence over the activities of the federal government. At the same time, they are locally present with their regional groups, and accompany transportation projects on site where possible. SWISSTRAFFIC supports and is a member of Fussverkehr Schweiz.


The Swiss Association of Transportation Engineers and Experts (SVI) is the professional association of transportation specialists working for private bureaus or public authorities. SWISSTRAFFIC supports and is a member of the SVI.


The Swiss Association of Road and Transportation Experts (VSS) is the union of professionals, companies and institutions that occupy themselves with the planning, development, construction, operation, maintenance, utilisation and demolishing of transportation facilities. SWISSTRAFFIC supports and is a member of the SVI.


Intelligent networks and smart technologies (e.g. energy, traffic or transport) as well as stability and data security are vital factors in order to positively differentiate oneself from other locations. The mobile and widely available communication technologies allow a new and diverse link between people, infrastructure and systems. In order to reach these goals, asut commits itself to the promotion of smarter infrastructure. SWISSTRAFFIC is a member of asut as part of the <<smart mobility>> expert committee.


Alain Bützberger is a member of the C-Level association as a representative of SWISSTRAFFIC. C-Level is a unique, senior-level association created by senior Swiss executives that is actively and enthusiastically used by the country's leading executives.

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