Is a special camera necessary to use my.SWISSTRAFFIC?

No, you don't have to buy special camera equipment, it is camera independent. my.SWISSTRAFFIC Video Insights accepts digital video from any type of IP camera with standard optics. You also don't have to install or buy anything to run my.SWISSTRAFFIC. Video Insights is a full cloud service that you can access online via your Internet browser from anywhere in the world.

Nevertheless, we recommend the use of a Full HD camera to achieve better results: higher counting accuracy, more accurate object recognition.

What are the requirements for videos to achieve the best results?

The better the quality, the better the result, that's a simple equation. my.SWISSTRAFFIC Video Insights delivers the best results at video resolutions from 720p to 1080p and a video frame rate of about 25 fps. Video resolution under VGA is not supported as no human eye can detect objects with a high level of reliability.

What is the processing time to get results from my traffic study?

Your video will be processed and you will receive the results within one hour after uploading to my.SWISSTRAFFIC Video Insights, regardless of the length of the video. This means that both 1-hour videos and 1000 hour videos are processed in 1 hour.

Which data does my.SWISSTRAFFIC recognize and extract from the videos?

Our algorithms capture individual moving and static road users with all physical aspects of their presence in the scene, such as position, size, object category, colors and route. There are a variety of traffic data types that my.SWISSTRAFFIC collects from the video, including transit time, time gap between vehicles, relative speed, and more.

How do I know that my data is safe with you?

my.SWISSTRAFFIC Video Insights is hosted and executed on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which undergo regular SSAE 16 SOC audits and are Privacy Shield certified. With SSL encryption, our endpoints ensure that all data transferred between the web server and client browsers remains private and complete. After you upload your video to my.SWISSTRAFFIC, it will be processed for 1 hour. Immediately thereafter, your video will be permanently deleted from our servers. This process is completely verifiable. my.SWISSTRAFFIC works with anonymous data.

Are the algorithms manually calibrated to process my videos?

Absolutely not! my.SWISSTRAFFIC Video Insights is fully automatic and retrieves the data immediately after uploading your video. We respect your privacy and cannot watch thousands of videos provided by users worldwide. There are no people involved in the process of my.SWISSTRAFFIC collecting and analyzing traffic data.

Do you carry out video analyses in real time?

Not via my.SWISSTRAFFIC. We offer a fast analysis of large amounts of video material in offline mode.

If real-time analysis is required, we offer you our AI sensor.

What kind of artificial intelligence does my.SWISSTRAFFIC use?

my.SWISSTRAFFIC Video Insights uses state-of-the-art deep neural networks, our custom deep learning models, and computer vision algorithms that are constantly trained on data from real surveillance cameras around the world.

If I am your customer, will I get new releases of my.SWISSTRAFFIC free of charge?

Each new version of my,SWISSTRAFFIC Video Insights is automatically available to all our customers and offers all new features, enhancements and ensures the backward compatibility of your data.

Can my.SWISSTRAFFIC process videos recorded worldwide?

Yes, you can use my.SWISSTRAFFIC Video Insights for camera shots taken worldwide and we'll give you consistent results. Our algorithms are trained on data from a variety of cameras around the world.

Which categories of road users do you recognise?

my.SWISSTRAFFIC Video Insights currently classifies objects into 8 categories: pedestrians, cars, delivery vans, trucks (OGV1 + OGV2), buses, bicycles, motorcycle,s animals. The variety of recognized categories is growing as we are continuously training for new categories.

Do you offer traffic counting with turn-by-turn relationships for origin/destination traffic?

Yes, you can draw your detection zones anywhere on the screen, combine them into complex movements, and then count/analyze traffic in the origin/destination traffic mode.

Do you analyse videos of night shots or difficult weather conditions such as rain or snow?

Yes, in contrast to other simpler or conventional solutions, my.SWISSTRAFFIC is completely insensitive to camera movements during video analysis. We don't have to use image stabilizers to recognize the objects correctly.

Can my video be analyzed even if the camera is shaking or moving - e.g. from drones?

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