Conflict analysis tram – pedestrians

A tram line crosses a sizeable pedestrian zone in the city centre of Zurich. This zone has an above-average count of pedestrians during the peak hours, which time and again results in complaints and near-accidents. The city of Zurich contracted SWISSTRAFFIC to perform a road safety analysis.


  • Video analysis of the prevailing traffic conditions (for the pedestrians and the tram line) during the peak hours and peak days of the week

  • Conflict analysis between the pedestrians and tram line at intersections

  • Determination of conflict frequencies and localisation of the conflicts; definition of the various conflict types

  • Formulation of plausible action measures based on the results of the previously conducted conflict analysis; evaluation of the pros and cons of the various measures, and broad cost estimates of these measures

  • Technical report


City of Zürich



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