Mobility 4.0

SWISSTRAFFIC as general contractor for Mobility 4.0.

Big data will steer us towards a revolution in the field of mobility. As a new opportunity for transportation and traffic, Mobility 4.0 forms the bridge between the presence and the future.

As a general contractor for the communication technology (gateways, data transmission, etc.) up to the final product (sensors, analytics, etc.), SWISSTRAFFIC is able to offer it all from under one roof.

Our Services:
  • Custom-made product development for the client (sensors, armbands, smart cards, gadgets with display, etc.)

  • Installation of a private communication network (LoRa, Digimesh, Zigbee, etc.) under exclusive ownership of the client.

  • Operation, as well as monitoring, of the data flow and data security of your personal network.

Internet of Things IoT

Under the term Internet of Things one is to understand the communication between people and things – or machines and other machines (M2M). Autonomous vehicles and drones, fitness trackers and via-App-controllable light bulbs and ovens, show the direction in which the advancement is moving: similar to the industrial revolution of the previous century, everything is revolved around enhancing efficiency and providing additional comfort.


With the LoRaWAN technology, smart objects stay in kilometre-wide contact. Despite this wide range (3 to 21 kilometre), LoRa gets by with little bandwidth and energy consumption, and is low-priced. BlueScan already operates with LoRa!

With LoRa you can fill all the gaps of telecommunication providers at a low cost.

SWISSTRAFFIC keeps a close watch on the LoRa Alliance and is in close contact with various companies.

  • Precise localisation indoors and outdoors

  • Sensors measure fill level (parking spaces, waste, post boxes, etc.)

  • Safety sensors

  • Access control

  • Personalised alarm signals

  • Retirement home, hospital, ski resorts, harbours, security, fire brigade, rescue, holiday resort, etc.


Your advantages: the LoRa communication network is solely yours – no dependence on third parties – not subject to approval - greatest data security

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