Traffic counts 4.0

Innovative technologies

SWISSTRAFFIC implements various technologies to capture multi-modal traffic flows of pedestrians, cyclists, motor vehicles and public transport passengers: radar, HD, thermal and ANPR-cameras, Sensys (motorised traffic and cyclists, traffic signals) and BlueScan (Bluetooth and Wi-Fi data collection).

The SWISSTRAFFIC engineers have developed their own mobility-intelligence-analytics processes, which allow an abundance of data – big data – to be evaluated in real time. While doing so, our engineers make use of publically available information sources – Open Data – on the one hand, and primary surveyed data on the other hand. Of late, SWISSTRAFFIC, moreover, provides predictions for the next 5’, 15’, 30’, 60’ and 24h, as, for example, for parking occupancy rates.

We count accurately, fast and cost-effectively

Automatische Verkehrszählung

  • roundabouts, intersections

  • cross sections

  • up to 12 movements simultaneously

  • turning movements

  • to/from matrix (roundabouts and complex intersections)

  • origin/destination in roundabouts

  • up to 12 types of traffic simultaneously

  • speeds

  • travel times

  • parking duration

  • licence plates, bicycle counts

  • bypasser/pedestrian counts

SWISSTRAFFIC sets new standards in traffic volume counting

Mobility Analytics

  • licence-plate recognition

  • speed analysis

  • travel times

  • commuter/tourist shares

  • real-time information

  • results available online

BlueScan – for real-time information

Individual dashboards

BlueScan localises, tracks, anonymises, gives the signals sent out from the vehicles and mobile phones an ID, and translates these signals in real-time via public communication lines. This makes BlueScan a relatively low-cost and more reliable upgrade of traditional counting measures such as infrared, thermal scanners, manual and automatic counting and interviews.

Your contact persons

Phone +41 44 200 90 20

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