Alpine and cross-border passenger transport 2020

By fulfillingof the following objectives, the A + GQPV survey provides a valuable database for various areas of transport policy as well as for traffic and spatial planning. In addition, in the form of the Source-Destination-Matrix on international transport, it contributes to the implementation of the statistical agreement with the EU on rail transport (compliance with Directive 91/2003 / EC or 2018/643 / EU).

SWISSTRAFFIC has been awarded this contract together with DemoSCOPE.

The 2020 A + GQPV survey is intended in particular to achieve the following objectives:

  • Provision of data regarding the volume of alpine and cross-border passenger traffic by road and rail

  • Statements relating to the origin and destination traffic (origin or destination of a trip is the Zurich main station), the share of transit traffic (trips through the Zurich main station), as well as internal station traffic

  • Determination of the purpose of the journey

  • Creation of source-destination matrices for the average daily traffic of people across Swiss borders and the Alps

  • Provision of data for the calculation of the driving and traffic performance of foreign vehicles on Swiss territory for the year 2020 as well as updating and calibration of the model for the intermediate years without survey. The A + GQPV data thus complement those on the services of domestic passenger transport vehicles, which are largely based on the Microcensus Mobility and Transport.


Swiss Federal Statistical Office (FSO)


2019 - 2020

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