Traffic model - district of Einsiedeln

On the one hand, traffic surveys were carried out concerning the "Topic 1:

Intentions to reclassify; traffic shift from Langrüti to Allmeind/Grotzenmühlestrasse" for a traffic report to the Cantonal Civil Engineering Office. The data should serve to justify the reclassification of the Allmeind-/Grotzenmühlestrasse and at the same time provide input for the present noise abatement project.

Furthermore, traffic surveys for the " Topic 2:

layout plan Steinel, traffic concept" were carried out.


  • Traffic surveys using ANPR and traffic counting at intersections

  • Determination of traffic volumes/weekly counts of transit traffic on the Langrüti-, the Allmeind- and the Grotzenmühlestrasse

  • Two simultaneous intersection counts with number plate recognition in the roundabout Alp, Allmeind / Langrütistrasse to determine the traffic shift potential

  • Two simultaneous cross-sectional counts on Grotzenmühlestrasse and Langrütistrasse; representative traffic survey at present status

  • Investigation of the efficiency and traffic counts at the intersections Langrütistrasse/Hauptstrasse, Hauptstrasse/Bahnhofplatz as well as the roundabout Alp for the planning horizon 2035

  • Traffic modelling / traffic flow calculations

  • Traffic report


District of Einsiedeln



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